This week they said


In true Irish fashion, the Micks have enjoyed provoking the Prods as much as the Prods have enjoyed retaliating. – Senior British diplomat Oliver Wright reporting to home secretary Jim Callaghan on the situation in Northern Ireland in March 1970

It’s an emotional luxury product – one that you do not need, but once you have it you will find ways to use it. – Stuart Miles, of gadget website Pocket Lint, talking about the iPad, which went on sale in the UK, Europe, Japan and Australia yesterday

Possibly the worst environmental disaster this country has ever seen. – Carol Browner, President Barack Obama’s senior adviser on the environment, commenting on the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

A lot of us would regard Niamh as one of the best vocalists who’s ever won. – Diarmuid Furlong, president of OGAE Ireland, the official Eurovision fan club, speaking ahead of Niamh Kavanagh’s attempt to win again tonight

If we win the World Cup, I’ll get naked and run around the city’s Obelisk. – Argentina manager Diego Maradona on how he would return in triumph to Buenos Aires from South Africa

If you’re a fan of the coalition, you could go for Daring Dream in the 3.50 at Ayr, and if you’re slightly more sceptical about how our arrangements are going to work out, you could try Midnight Fantasy in the 3.00 at Wolverhampton. – British prime minister David Cameron turns racing tipster on BBC Radio 4’s Todayprogramme. Both horses lost, reportedly saving British bookmakers more than £1 million