Stephen Collins: Brexiteers may have just made another mistake

Expectation that EU will cave in and give Boris Johnson what he wants remains far-fetched

Protesters have gathered outside the British parliament to denounce prime minister Boris Johnson's decision to suspend the UK parliament for more than a month before Brexit. Video: Reuters

Boris Johnson and his supporters in the Conservative Party have made two fundamental misjudgments since the Brexit debate began. One is that Ireland will ultimately have no choice but to bow to British interests and the other is that the European Union is on the verge of breaking up.

In fact the trend has been in the exact opposite direction on both fronts. The EU 27 have shown remarkable solidarity with Ireland not simply out of loyalty to a fellow member state but because of an appreciation that this is an existential moment for the European project. Far from signalling the break-up of the EU Brexit has acted as a glue to hold it in place.

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