Political violence has returned and we can’t blame it on Brexit

Violence in Derry and Border areas a symptom of wider political failure

September 9th, 2019: Eyewitness footage captures PSNI officers being petrol-bombed in the Creggan area of Derry while they were carrying out a security operation targeted at dissident republicans. Video: Freya McClements

A number of leading Irish politicians, and some British and European ones too, have fallen into the trap of suggesting that renewed violence in the North will be one of the inevitable consequences of Brexit. This is a dangerous and insidious claim which will be used as cover by those who have long pursued their objectives through violence and intimidation.

The activities of dissident republicans and Border gangs in recent years should have made it abundantly clear that they need no excuse for intimidation and murder. Politicians thoughtlessly forecasting a return to violence if there is a no-deal Brexit are playing into their hands.

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