Oliver Callan: Delusional Meryl Streep risked little attacking Trump

For celebrity activism to be authentic it must come at a cost to the individual

Meryl Streep turns her Golden Globe acceptance speech, for the Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award, into a scathing attack on US President-elect Donald Trump. Video: Reuters

I used to love film awards season. Sniggering at preposterously insincere speeches, barely-disguised grimaces of defeat and tics of panic in always-on faces about how to respond to off-colour remarks. Awards season used to provide respite from hard news and the ugly banter of political division.

Nowadays, however, film fans have to endure sanctimony and partisan lectures from disingenuous egomaniacs. Like Meryl Streep. Collecting a lifetime achievement Golden Globe, she used her acceptance to make an anti-Trump speech in front of like-minded peacocks. He responded like a child as usual, ensuring world media coverage for both of them that overshadowed the awards themselves.

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