Noel Whelan: Conservatives underestimated Corbyn and Labour

Labour Party manifesto was more centrist, more costed and more popular

The leader of UK's opposition Labour party Jeremy Corbyn said on Thursday (June 1) there was a "movement" gathering among voters who wanted "something different" from the current Conservative administration, ahead of a national election on June 8.

This time next week Britain goes to the polls in its second general election in two years and anyone who claims they know be the outcome is lying. It all looked more predictable when Theresa May called the election six weeks ago. Now things appear a lot less clear.

The recent reportage of a winning surge for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party has to be viewed with some caution, however. The polls have become very volatile in the last week and there been extraordinary divergences in what the various polling agencies are saying about the current state of public opinion in Britain. All the polls show a narrowing of the large gap which the Conservatives had over Labour a month ago but the pollsters do not agree on the current size of that gap.

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