Sir, In reply to Roger J. Dwane's letter of January 5th: I am one of the women he sneers at. I don't wear "high couture lapels", but in general I support all the feminist causes he decries, and I did go to Beijing. Does he know the work that we were doing at Beijing? Is he aware of the major victory won there for all women all over the world?

For the first time ever, women's unwaged work is to be measured and valued by governments. This was agreed as a principle by every nation at the conference, including Ireland.

If Mr Dwane really respects women's work in the home, which also (as I am sure he would recognise) covers unwaged work on the farm, in business, and in the community, he will join us in bringing pressure on our elected representatives to implement this decision without delay. So instead of his indulgence in divide and rule polemics, he will finds something positive to apply himself to the elimination of the hurtful gap between waged and unwaged women, and the banishment of the discriminatory idea that only waged work is of value. - Yours, etc.,

St Bridget's Place Lower,