Women Drivers


Sir, - Apropos the competence of female drivers, it seems to me that in our occasional outbreaks of chauvinist charivari we tend to overlook one wondrous skill that is, in my experience, unique to the species.

Consider the situation in which a line of vehicles is almost stationary in the right-hand lane of the approach to a junction, while a cyclist pumps rhythmically along by the left-hand kerb. The crucial question is: is there enough space for a car to get past the cyclist? It is in this situation that women exhibit an uncanny precision of judgement and an absolutely exquisite skill that leaves me breathless. I know, because I am the cyclist.

Time after time my heart stops as a car nips by almost under me, its wing mirror whoosing not a hair's breadth from my handlebar. As my panic dissolves to relief, it is invariably the case that my glance through the rapidly receding rear window confirms that, yet again, I have been saved by the unerring judgement and skill of a woman behind the wheel. Not once have I been struck. I thank the Lord that men have a sufficient sense of their limitations as not to make the attempt. I know that if ever a male driver gets notions beyond his sex I'll be on my ear. - Yours, etc., Frank Farrell,

Lakelands Close,


Co Dublin.