What now for Sláintecare?


Sir, – Your claim (The Irish Times view, September 10th), that Sláintecare reforms are the “only game in town” is nonsense.

Sláintecare is a politically driven and chosen system, pushed by left-wing politicians to introduce a national system similar to the UK’s underperforming National Health Service.

We are constantly reminded that it was passed unanimously by both Houses of the Oireachtas, as if this is some type of badge of merit.

As outlined multiple times by Dr John Crown, there are lots of other systems, Canada and Germany being just two, that have better outcomes for patients than the NHS and that should still, at this late stage, be reconsidered.

If the resignations of Tom Keane and Laura Magahy [from Sláintecare] are to serve a worthwhile purpose, a pause in the implementation of Sláintecare and a fresh look at all options, together with a proper national debate, would be time well spent.

– Yours, etc,



Dublin 6.