Sir, - It was with a mixture of incredulity and disgust that I read Kevin Myers's proposal (March 27th) that "the British should consult the Germans" vis a vis the disposal of the carcasses of the British bovine population.

I had thought Mr Myers to be a person of some principle and integrity. However he has proved me sadly wrong with his poorly veiled allusion to the Holocaust. Not alone is his remark an insult to all those who suffered at the hands of the Nazis, but it also appears to be an attempt to foist upon people, who for the most part were not even born at the time, the responsibility for the actions of their predecessors. That anyone, let alone a journalist in a "quality" publication such as The Irish Times, could be allowed publish such a crass statement is beyond comprehension. Is no one at The Irish Times charged with the responsibility of editing the contributions of your journalists to ensure that such xenophobic drivel is not unleashed on the population at large?

In future, Mr Myers would do well to keep his misguided perception of humour to himself.

Yours, etc.,

College Road,