Vatican and same-sex unions


Madam, - It is rather generous of you to acknowledge that "the Church is entitled to its views on many matters governing the life of man" (Editorial, August 4th).

However, it seems that tolerance does not apply to the Church when it explains why it is against homosexual practices. Its views are "bordering on" hatred, "almost" as an afterthought (advocating respect for men and women with homosexual tendencies) and "an almost" threatening in tone. It is almost as if The Irish Times wishes to attribute hatred and intolerance to those who drew up this document. I hope Cardinal Ratzinger will not be too upset at being lectured by The Irish Times.

According to your Editorial, for Christians "evil is the polar opposite to all the good that flows from and is associated with God and His Son, Jesus Christ". Is it not, therefore, perfectly reasonable to describe acts that are totally against human nature and the law of God as such? The admonition of Jesus is always to hate the sin but love the sinner. I see no contradiction of this in the Vatican document.

Finally, I have rarely read a more balanced and thought provoking article on this subject than that by Breda O'Brien in your edition of August 2nd. Her articles are always well researched and balanced, none more so than this one. - Yours, etc.,

MRS MARY STEWART, Ardeskin, Donegal Town.

Madam, - No doubt the millions of children throughout the world who daily suffer unspeakable domestic violence and abuse will take comfort in the fact that they are brutalised within heterosexual unions. - Yours, etc.,

GERARD LEE, St Agnes Park, Crumlin, Dublin 12.