The Occupied Territories Bill

Sir, – In her letter of October 12th, Jackie Goodall makes a series of false assertions in dismissing the three legal opinions relied upon to demonstrate the compatibility of the Occupied Territories Bill (“the Bill”) with EU law as having “no solid foundation”. The first opinion she refers to was written by Prof James Crawford, now a judge of the International Court of Justice. The fact that his opinion addressed the general principle of banning trade with Israeli settlements rather than the Bill specifically is immaterial insofar as that is exactly what the Bill aims to do.

The same is true of the second opinion referred to, that of Irish senior counsel Michael Lynn, rendering meaningless Ms Goodall’s reference to the fact that it was written “long before the Bill was ever conceived”. In any event, Mr Lynn has since confirmed in an opinion he was requested to submit to the Oireachtas Committee on Foreign Affairs that the Bill is compatible with EU law.

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