The Dún Laoghaire-isation of Ireland


Sir, – David McWilliams’s analysis of the link between the rise in liberal values in Ireland since the 1983 abortion referendum and economic growth (Weekend Review, October 27th) makes interesting reading. Of course there could be other good reasons why Ireland has prospered economically during the past 40 years: membership of the EU, stable democracy, being a small open economy during a period of global growth, foreign investment policy, the growth of the IFSC (in Dublin and in multiple locations around Ireland), low interest rates etc.

Despite our good fortune, we still have many problems in our society not the least being chronic homelessness, overcrowded prisons and under investment in mental health services. In many ways our society seems to have become more divided over the last 40 years. I wonder whether we have lost something important in our move towards being a more “progressive” society. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.