Teachers And Pay


A chara, - Regarding your editorial ("Teachers on a solo run, February 28th) on the ASTI's pay claim for productivity already given, but still not paid for, I quote from Padraic Pearse's "The Murder Machine": "For between the salary offered to teachers and the excellence of a country's education system there is a vital link". Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.

Teachers are realistic. We just want, in fairness, a programme to offer the same prosperity offered to nurses and guards in the last pay agreement, before we consider any future "Programme for Prosperity and Fairness".

We are not asking for the impossible, such as an amnesty for tax cheats while everyone else takes low pay and less than adequate conditions to enable increased employment to occur. We are realistic in expecting equality to be part of any national agreements. - Is mise, Paddy Clancy,

Tramore, Co Waterford.