Tara and the M3 motorway


Madam, - Conor Newman (March 22nd), in his response to Reg McCabe's letter of March 17th, distorts the facts in a classic example of the pot calling the kettle black.

He again demonstrates his stubbornness in this debate by continuing to ignore the selection pro- cess, the design process, the planning process, the 28-week public hearing, the planning appeals process. He chooses to ignore Meath Citizens for M3, Meath Chambers of Commerce, the Ibec survey, and the recent by-election in which pro-M3 parties received 71.5 per cent of the vote.

As kindly as possible let me remind him that all of these processes were conducted by people who are as expert in their own professions as he claims to be in his. The difference between them and him is that they have not donned the crown of utter infallibility and are capable of discussing the issues with open minds. - Yours, etc.,

TADHG DONNELLY, Secretary, Meath Citizens for M3, Ringlestown, Co Meath.