Standoff At Drumcree


Sir, - The Drumcree standoff appears to be insoluble. Any solution that would be acceptable to one side would be totally unacceptable to the other side, which would be hurt and insulted.

My modest proposal would be to let each side have its way every other year. The losing side would be compensated by a special fund called the "hurt and insulted fund", or perhaps "the compromise fund". Fair-minded people in Ireland and abroad would be only too pleased to contribute to it.

In a year when the Orangemen are allowed to march down the road, Garvaghy residents would be treated to a day out in Bundoran or Dublin. In a year when the march is not allowed, the local Orangemen would be treated to a day out in Portrush or Belfast.

A coin could be tossed to decide which side gets its way first. Can anyone think of a better proposal? - Yours, etc., Michael Doyle,

Southdene, Monkstown Valley, Co Dublin.