Sir, Sinn Fein's impressive home page on the Internet offers subscribers uncensored news reports, selected articles from An Phoblacht and activist bulletins.

For a £15 fee, Internet users are subjected to daily doses of bias and dangerous propaganda.

Coverage of the arrest of Ms Roisin McAliskey, daughter of former MP Bernadette McAliskey, provides an adequate illustration of the one sided logic of some republican thinking. The article speaks in terms of Ms McAliskey being interrogated by British forces in Belfast before her, planned extradition to Germany land for six days at the notorious Castlereagh Interrogation Centre.

It continues "British forces took, a number of items from the family home in a violent and destructive assault", and concludes "It was part of a political witch hunt being waged against Ms Bernadette McAliskey. The article mentions why Ms McAliskey was arrested only in passing. Needless to say, I have cancelled my subscription the Irish Republican News and Information Service". Yours, etc., University of Limerick.