Sinn Fein In Coalition


A Chara, - There has been a great deal of debate recently on the possibility of Sinn Fein entering into coalition with Fianna Fail. Columnists and opinion-makers who should know better talk about it almost as an inevitability, should Sinn Fein do as well as expected in the next general election.

As a member, I would like to make it clear that, along with many others in my party, I am completely opposed to coalition with the moral bankrupts of Fianna Fail whose u-turn on Partnership for Peace and ongoing corruption scandals are not the attributes I would look for in a coalition partner.

Fianna Fail's continuing failure to use the vast surplus available to it in government to help those left behind by the rising tide of economic growth and to realistically tackle the housing crises has underlined the party's failure to help workers in Ireland.

Its contribution to the peace process has been to fail to challenge effectively the decision of the British government to give control over the Agreement to David Trimble.

Fianna Fail is not our "natural coalition partner". We are a bona-fide party of the Left in a way Labour has long since forgotten and we have not come this far in the South to sell ourselves out to the system Fianna Fail has done to much to create. - Is mise, Justin Moran,

Finglas, Dublin 11.