A chara, As an older rollerblader (born near the end of the second World War!) I would like to reply to 11 year old Owen Wynne's question. "Where can we go?" Roller bladers regularly skate on the promenade at Sandymount, and also on neighbouring footpaths in this area.

Perhaps Owen could take the DART to Sydney Parade or "Sandymount when he wants to blade. (I am well aware that some old people are easily frightened of roller bladers, but I have not heard of a single accident to nonbladers in the Sandymount area nor has any local garda whom I know). Alternatively, he could make enquiries as to which sports centres cater for roller bladers some do. A short list appeared in "Summer Times" in The Irish Times of July 24th (the nearest to Owen is the Rollerdome, Pye Centre in Dundrum).

If this situation gets bad enough, perhaps those promoting roller blading will have to issue certificates like driving licences to those who are sufficiently proficient skaters, while learners will need L-plates! Seriously, though, I think only incompetent skaters are likely to be a danger to the public, but if they are not allowed to skate somewhere they will never become competent. Mise le meas Bothar na Tra, Dumhch Thra, Baile Atha Cliath 4.

PS: One note of warning no one should skate after dark, or on a surfice wet from heavy rain.