Regional Coverage


Sir, - I am a daily reader of The Irish Times and find it to be the most comprehensive quality national newspaper in Ireland. However, I am always disappointed to read that local events and occurrences in my native North East are not deemed newsworthy in that it seems to be the only region in Ireland omitted from the local reports printed on page two each day.

Does The Irish Times consider local news in this part of our island to be less interesting, less important or less significant than that of our provincial neighbours.

I quite enjoy sharing in the trials and tribulations of my cousins in the Midlands, the West, the South East etc. I can't help but feel that your apathy towards the North East is symptomatic of the low profile suffered by and the lack of attention given to the region by both Government and the media in general. Even ministerial representation in the current Cabinet has done little to improve the region's share of funding and attention.

Say it isn't so. - Yours, etc.,

Niall Duggan, Dundalk, Co Louth.

Plans are in train to enhance coverage throughout the regions, including the North East. - Ed. IT.