Power for the future


Sir, – I wish to correct a statement by Prof Philip Walton, (August 17th). Prof Walton wrote: “EirGrid has stated that it cannot see ever being able to get more than 50 per cent of our electricity from these renewables.”

It is important to stress that this organisation has never stated that. In contrast, EirGrid has already on occasion operated the system with 50 per cent of total electricity generation being supplied from wind farms.

Through a comprehensive sustainability and smart grid strategy we are working towards a situation where up to 75 per cent of the generation on the system would be supplied on occasion from windfarms on the power system of Ireland and Northern Ireland. This will facilitate the implementation of the Government’s renewable energy policy. Our plans in the sustainable power system are viewable on our website. – Yours, etc,


Communications Manager,


Shelbourne Road,

Dublin 4.