Politicians' perks


Madam, – Apparently, the Attorney General advised the Government that there were legal difficulties implementing a cessation of ministerial pensions prior to the next Dáil on the grounds of legitimate expectation.

Two matters arise from this: 1. Is there any real threat of a politician suing the state to claim his or her entitlement? 2. Do we the public not have a legitimate expectation that leadership and equanimity be shown? I cannot imagine that the low risk of a sitting politician suing constitutes grounds for not proceeding with the cessation of ministerial pensions.

A cynic such as I might suggest that faced with the prospect of losing pensions, some distinguished Government backbenchers might have retired now to realise their pension entitlements and triggered an uncomfortable amount of byelections for the Government. This is a political ruse dressed up in legalese by the Taoiseach to protect his own hide. – Yours, etc,


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