Party shades of green


Madam, - Brenda Morgan rightly says (March 20th) it is a disgrace that, almost a year after the general election, our constituencies are still littered with plastic ties left behind when election posters are removed. Thanks to the threat of substantial fines, political parties are now fairly good at removing the actual posters. Perhaps it is time to introduce a colour scheme for the poster ties so that those responsible could be fined?

Parties could register their own colours - red for Labour, blue for Fine Gael, white for the PDs; but who would get green ties? The Greens, Fianna Fáil, and Sinn Féin would all want that colour.

Perhaps we could have different shades to suggest which is the greenest of them all? - Yours, etc,

EUGENE F.M. O'LOUGHLIN, Richmond,  Blackrock, Co Dublin.