Sir, - The Irish Times is to be congratulated for the prominence it accorded the decision against Nirex in the UK. It was a momentous moment in the whole campaign against Sellafield. You were right, too, to praise the Irish Government for its part in the success, but wrong to omit reference to the part played by those individuals and groups who campaigned to raise the same Government's awareness and interest.

These include the Dundalk "Stad" Campaign, Greenpeace, CND and its Chernobyl Children Project, and many others. And should we forget the thousands of Irish families, and tens of thousands of citizens, actively engaged in trying to alleviate the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe, and who continue to let the Government know, in no uncertain terms, that Sellafield itself is "Ireland's Chernobyl waiting to happen"?

Nothing less than the complete closure of Sellafield, and the other stations threatening their own children, will end their lobbying of the Irish Government. Their persistence, too, deserves some mention. - Yours, etc.,

National chairperson,

Irish CND,

Bellvue Park,

St Luke's, Cork.