A chara, - An article appeared in The Irish Times (January 6th) quoting from the German newspaper Der Spiegel, alleging that members of German neoNazi organisations have been in regular contact with Sinn Fein. This allegation is entirely false. Sinn Fein has had no contact with these or any other neo Nazi groups. Sinn Fein as a political party is anti fascist and supports equality for all regardless of race, creed or sex as any cursory glance at our policies would reveal.

This allegation arose because a German neo Nazi organisation has linked to our website on the Internet, something which we have no control over. Indeed this group is linked to many organisations, including Amnesty International and Der Spiegel itself.

The Internet allows for the free flow of information and as such any group can link up to any site. The Irish Times, as a newspaper which has its own website, should be fully aware of this as there are many organisations throughout the world which link to The Irish Times Home Page. I am sure that The Irish Times is not supportive of all of these organisations.

This begs the question of what was the motivation behind printing this article? - Is mise,

Ard Runai,

Sinn Fein,

44 Parnell Square,

Dublin 1.