Music Of The Times


Sir, - John Waters assertion that (March 7th) "the narrative of from a whisper to scream is determined to deny that there has been a return journey to mediocrity" is a truly remarkable example of the columnist's supernatural talents in forecasting the future. And this after just a single viewing of the first episode of a series that still has five weeks to run. His prophesy on any race meeting of his choosing within the next fortnight would be greatly appreciated.

One surprising note in his article, though. The contention that "no Irish artist of note has emerged in recent years" is strange given the achievements of the likes of Ash, Divine Comedy and David Holmes. And no mention of Van Morrison whatsoever. Could it be that John has a blind spot regarding the work of artists from the North of Ireland? - Yours, etc., David Heffernan,

Producer/Director, from a whisper to a scream, Rathgar, Dublin 6.