Killing The Fox


Sir, - I am not an "urban fool" - a rural one, perhaps - but I make no bones about my absolute opposition to hunting of any form. And neither do I apologise for it. On one point I would agree with Kevin Myers (An Irishman's Diary, November 19th). It is certainly probable that the hyena's human victim's sensations on being eaten alive would mirror those of the fox under similar circumstances. It follows therefore that we must acknowledge that a fox would experience the same absolute terror a human would feel on being relentlessly chased for miles, running for his life, pursued by baying hounds. And therein lies the ultimate cruelty.

More frightening still is the "joy" Kevin declares the human hunters feel on witnessing such a spectacle. How have we become so removed from what should be our basic instincts of compassion and pity for an animal in distress?

One last point: don't suffer under the delusion that we are the great creators and managers of the environment. The earth existed before us and will continue long after we have gone. - Yours, etc.,

Ardfert, Co Kerry.