Ireland as a special case


Sir, – In the article “Merkel and Kenny agree that Ireland needs special approach” (Front page, October 22nd), we’re told the joint press release says, “Ireland is a special case”. I was reminded of the phase in Gaelic: “Cása specíalta”. This is a term of endearment for someone who is a little bit simple or slow on the uptake. I assume its meaning in German is altogether less grovelling and pathetic than it sounds in English because in English it sounds a lot like a begging.

“Ah, poor us we’re different, not like them wild southern Europeans. Don’t mind them, give us a few bob for the children”. I hope this works out because it is a wholly unedifying spectacle to behold.

This is what we Irish are now reduced to. Having paid back all those German and French gamblers on their risky bets, we’re left ringing Germany’s chancellor in the middle of the night, in a panic saying “you’ll look after us, won’t you?”. It’s all a bit sad, a “cása specíalta” indeed. – Yours, etc,


Lord Edward Street, Dublin 2.

Sir, – Given the “Yes they will”, “No they won’t” nature of Ireland’s attempts to get a writedown of the costs of the bank guarantee and bondholder payoff from the EU, I will vote for any party that sets out a clear roadmap for a trip to the European Court of Justice to demonstrate that the ECB coerced a weak government into these rash acts, with a gun to its head, and that the ECB acted well outside its powers or authority in doing thus. I will vote for this. Am I alone? – Yours, etc,


Thomastown Road,

Dún Laoghaire, Co Dublin.

Sir, – Kenny proposes, Merkel disposes. – Yours, etc,


Dunshaughlin, Co Meath.