In praise of Michael McDowell


Madam, - Minister for Justice Michael McDowell is criticised and denigrated by many.

Given the Ireland that we live in now I suppose it should not surprise me that perhaps the finest Irish patriot of his time should be so maligned. Michael McDowell is by far the finest and best Minister for Justice to have served us in recent decades. When we consider the shame of Raphael Burke serving us in that post, the contrast could not be more stark.

As Minister for Justice, Mr McDowell is the epitome of caring, considerate conservatism and a shining example of what it really means to shoulder the burden of patriotic duty in government. His stand against the rot of pervasive Republican criminality and his defence of the integrity of our immigration laws and systems are examples of his commitment to good governance.

We are fortunate to have such a personally humble, professionally committed and capable man as Minister for Justice. I salute him unreservedly and I support him fully. I urge others to do likewise. - Yours, etc.,

MICHAEL MEADE, Shantalla Road, Galway.