Human Rights In Chechnya


Sir, - Violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms continue on a massive scale in Chechnya. Recent television footage of mass graves and mutilated bodies has aroused so little outrage and so little international outcry against Russia that one wonders what can be done to awaken the public conscience to stop this continuing genocide.

The people have suffered much at the hands of Russia. In the 18th century, Chechnya was invaded by Peter the Great and since then it has been a thorn in Russia's side. Stalin decided to deport the entire Chechen nation in 1943 as the Germans retreated from the Northern Caucasus. Beria reported to Stalin on March 1st, 1944, that "by 29th February, 1944, 478,479 people including 91,250 Ingush and 387,229 Chechens have been deported and loaded into troop trains".

The latest Russian tactics in Chechnya are a continuation of Stalin's attempted genocide of this proud Islamic people who refuse to bow under the Russian jackboot. To highlight this ongoing Chechen genocide, a rally for human rights in Chechnya will be held outside the Department of Foreign Affairs on Saturday, March 11th, at noon. Everyone concerned with the universality of human rights are most welcome. - Yours, etc., Brendan Butler,

Swords, Co Dublin.