Handing back child benefit


Sir, – There is no need for Government officials to draw up new measures to allow rich parents to opt out of child benefit (Front page, August 14th). Every few months, mothers living in the real world receive a form from the Department of Social Welfare demanding details on each child: PPS number, school or creche, GP, and so on.

Punishment is swift for any hassled mother who fails to return the form promptly, preferably by return of post. Her child benefit is cut off.

Rich blowhards who are braying for child benefit to be cut for the rest of us because their kids don’t need it – yes, Mick O’Leary, I am thinking of you – should simply inform their staff to ignore this form when it next arrives. Sorted.

Does pointing this out qualify me to be overpaid as a Government adviser? – Yours, etc,


Sandpit Road,

Milltown, Termonfeckin,

Co Louth.

Sir, – With regard to the Government’s wish that the public voluntarily give up their children’s allowance: I trust they will show that altruism is alive and well by voluntarily foregoing their pensions until pensionable age. – Yours, etc,


Granville Close,

Dún Laoghaire,

Co Dublin.