Global warming


Madam, – One has some sympathy for Nick Crawford’s comment: “Global warming – more like global freeze. On your bike, Greens!” (December 28th).

However, this short letter contains two common misconceptions that should be addressed.

In the first instance, Mr Crawford confuses weather with climate: to be specific, he confuses temporal patterns in European weather with long-term trends of global climate. A single cold snap in Europe is no signal that global warming is no longer a threat (even a regular occurrence of this event would tell us little, as one consequence of global climate change could be colder winters in northern Europe).

Secondly, concerns about global climate change stem from a vast number of scientific studies worldwide. To dismiss these findings as political ideology (of the Greens or anyone else) is foolish indeed. – Yours, etc,


Visiting Fellow,

Kennedy School of


Harvard University,


Massachusetts, US.