Further pay cuts for teachers


Sir, – Your Editorial (February 23rd) states it would be good to hear what teacher unions think of further pay cuts for teachers. By signing up to and implementing the Croke Park Agreement teachers have already made their views clear on that matter.

Teachers have already absorbed the non-payment of the last promised pay increase (6 per cent), the pension-related deduction (7 per cent), a pay cut (6 per cent) as well as the universal social charge, PRSI and all the levies. Additional pay cuts (14 per cent) have been imposed on new teachers. These substantial reductions have made a huge difference to teachers, many of whom are finding it difficult to make ends meet.

In return, teachers are doing more work and enabling the Exchequer to make substantial payroll savings. Redeployment has delivered savings of €60 million, additional working hours have been implemented resulting in fewer school closures and better planning while more pupils are being taught by fewer staff.

It is obvious that eaten bread is soon forgotten by anyone asking teachers to take another one for the team. – Yours, etc,



Irish National Teachers Organisation,

Parnell Square, Dublin 1.

Sir, – In response to Clive Byrne’s exhortation for teachers to “take one for the team” ( Editorial February 23rd): been there done that.

Did the financial sacrifices teachers made go towards education? – Yours, etc,


Foyle Road,

Fairview, Dublin 3.