Sir, I read with interest Kathy Sheridan's interview with Michael Flatley. For a variety of reasons I've never felt drawn to Riverdance" in the flesh, but was glad of the chance to see it on RTE over Christmas.

I was very impressed by the lighting. the decor, the professionalism, the energy, Maria Piages. One of the reasons for my original lack of enthusiasm was a-feis-too-many, attended in another life. And I note that the ramrod little girls of yesteryear - with their little skirts, white socks and be frizzed and be ribboned hair have become ramrod big girls with free flowing hair, solid black tights (!) and solid black shoes. Not a lot changes.

Enter Michael Flatley - in the version shown, anyway. Superb, totally dazzling. Leaving media hostility, personalities, the essential Irish split aside, and with no disrespect to any successor, I suggest that Flatley is "Riverdance," and the show has to be diminished. very seriously, without him.

With best wishes for the year ahead. With Maeve Binchy's advice on New Year resolutions, I am about to tackle yet again my addiction to the IT. - Yours, etc.,


Co Limerick.