Fianna Fáil’s catch-all appeal


Sir, – Diarmaid Ferriter is spot on in suggesting that “Fianna Fáil has lost its catch-all appeal in a divided Ireland” (Opinion & Analysis , January 28th).

While the Soldiers of Destiny possessed a chameleon-like ability in adapting to and winning over a changing Ireland up to the end of the last century, in more recent decades other political parties, especially Fine Gael and Sinn Féin, have outwitted it strategically to the point that it appears to be devoid of any unique selling proposition (USP).

Fine Gael has captured the middle ground, previously Fianna Fáil’s heartland, while Sinn Féin has become the republican flagbearer and the champion of the working man and woman.

In the face of such competition, unless Fianna Fáil can define its offering and communicate values which resonate with voters, its future hopes as a viable political entity appear ominous. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.