Electoral Reform


Sir, - Ronan Rooney (February 145th) hits the nail precisely on the head. Unfortunately, he doesn't see that he is the nail that needs hitting. He complains that a Minister, who is legally sworn in to perform his duty on behalf of all the citizens, hasn't had time to deal with his "minor local issue in east Meath".

May God forgive me for defending a Fianna Fail Minister, but that is the entire thrust of Mr Dempsey's reform proposals. I don't care what crisis has arisen in east Meath. Ideally, I want all Ministers and TDs to concentrate on national issues. We elect these people to run the country on our behalf, not the county. We have county councillors to worry about local issues, such as where to locate the new parish pump. - Yours, etc., Frank Neenan,

Tullow Road, Carlow.