Eastern Churches


A Chara, - Your editorial (February 28th) on Pope John Paul II's visit to that country shows a heightened awareness of the Eastern churches, which is certainly to be welcomed.

There is, as you suggest, suspicion and mistrust between some of the Eastern churches and Rome, and it is difficult to overcome these apprehensions, but an important component of the effort must be a greater understanding on all sides, including the position of the Eastern Catholic churches, which your editorial did not specifically mention.

The Eastern churches are not a large group in Ireland, but there are three different communities in the Dublin area: the Coptic Orthodox Church in Bray, the Greek Orthodox Church in Arbour Hill, and the Greek-Catholic congregation which currently serves in Saint Kevin's Oratory at the Pro-Cathedral. Would you perhaps consider publishing articles about these three communities, so that your readers might become more familiar with them? - Yours, etc., (An tAth) Brian O Ceileachair,

Tir an Iuir, Baile Atha Cliath 6 Iar.