Dress codes and Dáil Éireann


Sir, – Anne Burke (March 24th) is undoubtedly correct to point out that “the moaning about dress codes in the Dáil should be seen for what it is, a dig at one of the most effective politicians in Dáil Éireann, Mick Wallace”.

Nevertheless, her apparent defence of Mr Wallace casts a few unfavourable questions in his direction. What does this say about a man for whom the imposition of a dress code appears to be an ad hominem attack? To what legendary and unfathomable extent must an individual be underdressed before the polite and general suggestion to wear a shirt and tie is viewed as explicit and unmistakable condemnation of that individual?

There appear to be costs to the reputation of politicians who insist upon suiting, or indeed failing to suit, themselves. – Yours, etc,




Dublin 15.

Sir, – That the Oireachtas is happy to devote time to debating “dress codes” of its Members tells everything about what is wrong with politics in Ireland today. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 13.