Cycling off the tracks


Madam, – I would like to bring to your readers’ attention two sections of the Road Traffic (Traffic and Parking) Regulations, 1997 that refer to cyclists.

“Section 14 (3) All pedal cycles must be driven on a cycle track where one is provided.

“Section 47 (1) A pedal cyclist shall not drive a pedal cycle on a roadway in such a manner as to result in more than two pedal cyclists driving abreast, save when overtaking other pedal cyclists, and then only if to do so will not endanger, inconvenience or obstruct other traffic or pedestrians.”

Over the past number of months I have witnessed cyclists cycling on the road right beside a brand new cycle lane. Furthermore, cycling clubs appear to think that it is acceptable to cycle in “race formation” while training. Both these practices are against the law and result in the cyclist being put at unnecessary risk. – Yours, etc,


Executive Technician,

Palmerston Depot,

Roads Maintenance,

South Dublin County Council,

Cursis Stream,

Old Lucan Road,


Dublin 20.