Commercial couples


Sir, - Listening to various radio ads, I get the distinct impression that the consumer world is being taken over by a middleclass couple from Donnybrook. They twitter on endlessly about how "wonderful" their new home loan is, his "fabulous" new car and so on. I can imagine them: the type that look like they were sold together as a set, simpering on about their perfect, satisfying partnership and great financial arrangements.

Could the ad agencies and their clients please ban this crass-sounding couple from the radio? They are irritating, unlikeable and there are too many out there already without us having to put up with them in the privacy of our own car. Yet I fear, as the tiger grows even more corpulent, we'll be hearing even more of them in the future, brainwashing every citizen into thinking they need to aspire to such phoniness. I beg you, no more. - Yours, etc.,

Dave Hall, Greystones, Co Wicklow.