Clontarf Baths


Sir - In the property supplement (March 12th) under the heading "Clontarf Baths to be sold for redevelopment", writer Jack Fagan said, "Other property interests suggested that planning permission might well be obtained for a mixed development of leisure facilities and a small number of residential units".

Property interests should not give the impression to any potential developer that the residents of Clontarf or the adjoining areas will stand idly by and allow the start of any residential development on the coastline from Alfie Byrne Road outwards to Howth.

History will show that the united opposition of concerned residents can match the resources of any developer, when their residential rights are threatened.

Since Blackrock Baths closed, the only facility for supervised clean, outdoor swimming and water polo was in Clontarf Baths. Alas, it is no more.

Might appears to be right. Developers have more money than voluntary bodies, who do the work the Government and Dublin Corporation should be engaged in.

Not alone have we lost our baths, but now we are about to lose our coastline, if developers have their way.

Should we allow it happen? I say no. What do your readers say? - Yours, etc., Noel Kennelly

Vernon Avenue, Clontarf, Dublin 3.