Changing Anglo's name


Madam, – Is it not marvellous? The whole economy sunk without trace, the pension fund put on a dead cert (to lose!) European bond markets holed below the waterline and the euro creaking under the assault of global markets. Two years on we finally come up with a workable solution. Change the name on Anglo Irish’s door! How about changing the name on the title deeds of all the property held by the geniuses who got us into this mess? It is only a few billion, but it would be a start. – Yours, etc,


Rathowen, Co Westmeath.

Madam, – I hear that the Anglo Irish Bank signage might be removed or replaced. I suggest, as an inexpensive recycling measure, that the letters might be reused to give us a new title: BIG LOAN SHARK IN or perhaps even A BRASH LION KING. – Yours, etc,


Cabinteely Close, Dublin 18.

Madam, – Can we not take the lead from British Nuclear Fuels Limited (which changed the name of its toxic power station from Windscale to Sellafield) by renaming our toxic bank Sell-a-Field? – Yours, etc,


Ardbeg Park,

Artane, Dublin 5.