Bread And Wine


Sir, - W. G. A. Scott who writes: "At Mass, I see the priest and ministers - taking bread and wine, while the congregation partakes of bread only" deserves an answer and an explanation.

In the Eastern rite churches (both Orthodox and Uniate) and in the Roman Catholic Church, the offerings of bread and wine have become "by the power of the Holy Spirit" the Body and Blood of Our Divine Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore they are no longer bread and wine and should not be so described. In the churches of the Reformation these offerings remain bread and wine, nor has it ever been claimed to be otherwise.

If Mr Scott disagrees with me, what views does he hold on Benediction and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, or on the Corpus Christi procession? - Yours, etc., Frank Murphy,

Old Quarry, Dalkey, Co Dublin.