Army Hearing Loss Claims


Sir, - In the course of a good many years' service as a professional soldier, I endured, at both the giving and receiving end, the noise of fire from a wide variety of weapons, including light and heavy artillery shell fire, mortars, anti-tank guns, dive bombers and anti-tank mines. Any resultant effect on my hearing was regarded and accepted as an occupational hazard.

Shortly after retiring I, rather foolishly, shot a terminally sick sheep in a confined space, resulting in a bruised eardrum and partial deafness in my left ear. As my military service was in the Indian army, I cannot apply to the Irish Ministry of Defence for compensation. I suppose I might try the Ministry of Agriculture? - Yours, etc., Lieut-Colonel (Rtd)

From R. A. A. Dawes

Castledermot, Co Kildare.