Air Attacks On Iraq


Sir, - The discovery of the 1990s in the field of education was "bullying". It was unearthed in the primary schools and was also discovered to have penetrated the secondary schools. It bypassed the third-level institutions and was next ascertained to be thriving in the workplace and in the family. The theories tell us that bullies are cowards who, when confronted, retreat and stop their bullying tactics.

Saddam Hussein is a bully. He has been making and assembling "weapons of mass destruction". He was taken on by two powers with highly sophisticated weapons of war. He did not run away. He stood his ground. We watched the fire display in the skies. Now we are being told that his weapons-making capacity has been put back by one year, or two, or three. "What's another year?"

Russia, France and other members of the UN will no longer impose sanctions on the Iraqi regime. Saddam Hussein is now in a stronger position than ever before. Bullying is not resolved by bullying. There must be another way. - Yours, etc., Maura Donnelly,

King Edward Lawn, Bray, Co Wicklow.