A Call To Protestants


A chara, - Congratulations to Dr Conor Cruise O'Brien on supporting a theme, long, gospel with me.

C of I members and Presbyterians in the 1880s numbered close on 400,000 in the 26 Counties; today they number only slightly over 80,000. The story is the same in the Six Counties where RCs are now close to 43 per cent and growing, and in the schools they outnumber all others. Has not Dr Dunlop of the Presbyterian church stated that Belfast is a republican city? The DUP mayor of Derry said the other day that it is a very nationalist city.

So come on, people across the divide; stop lurking in a corner of countries Antrim, Down and north Armagh. Embrace the entire island, the 32 counties, their islands and territorial seas. It is your land and your seas too. - Is mise, Uinseann Mac Eoin,

Marlborough Road, Dublin 4.