Kathy Sheridan: Trump has already reduced Britain to vassal status

The dangled bait of a US-UK trade deal is laced with predatory controls and manipulations

Speaking during his official visit to the United Kingdom, US president Donald Trump has said that there will be a "phenomenal" trade deal between the US and UK post-Brexit. Video: The White House

The British media’s heroic efforts to fill the year-long lacunas between actual events during Monday’s Trump ego massage-fest still left some questions dangling. Did someone order massive pizza deliveries to the US embassy in London as a prank? Did no one warn Trump that Fox News had been pulled off air in Britain for failing to air alternative viewpoints, and for just, um, failing? If Melania was really channelling Rose DeWitt from the film Titanic in that outfit, was she conveying a message we should worry about? And what in the name of God was her spouse wearing at dinner?

The interminable, space-filler interviews were a master class in modern communications. The Republicans Abroad crew had the better of it. Interviewers cited heinous Trump behaviour and stood waiting for red faces. By way of answer they got insouciant grins and shruggy variations on “he’s a rule breaker, it’s who he is”, plus the obligatory reference to a poll that puts him at 70 per cent approval for the US economy.

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