Kathy Sheridan: Protesting works as we reach peak climate anxiety

Public pressure has already resulted in substantial levels of movement

A group of climate protesters have called on world leaders to "stop playing games" with regard to the climate crisis by holding a demonstration inspired by Netflix's hit show Squid Game at Cop26 in Glasgow. Video: Reuters

Thoughts and prayers for the world leaders in the One Minute to Midnight saloon striving to hit the right tone between “blah blah blah” (copyright Mary Robinson/Greta Thunberg), “the trend is positive” (through pained smile), and apocalyptic doom.

As a child of the Cuban nuclear missile crisis days – when a teacher suggested the fireball would have us dead before we knew it – and visitor to Chernobyl, where wild boars cantered down the streets and Geiger counters surged two decades after the 1986 nuclear catastrophe, I’m more of an apocalyptic woman myself.

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