Kathy Sheridan: Meet the Irish party that is happy to follow Farage's lead

Embryonic grouping is raising cash to run candidates in European elections

September 9th, 2018: “Irexit Freedom” a new Irish Eurosceptic political party calling for Ireland to leave the European Union has been launched in Dublin . The party hopes to field candidates in next year's European Parliament elections. Video: Bryan O'Brien

Our newest party has already splashed an estimated €40,000 on a big billboard campaign. That’s just an industry guess because the Irish Freedom Party (IFP), while urging us all to “take back control”, is not saying. The money, according to a spokesman, was provided by “generous and patriotic members of the IFP alone”. So, since the IFP has yet to be registered, this is an outfit raising unknown quantities of cash from unknown sources to run candidates in democratic European elections.

Last month, it emerged that one of its candidates – a 72-year-old retired nurse, allegedly – appeared not to actually exist and a photograph carried on its website was a stock image. The group explained that a profile on the website was created as an “internal example” and the press release had been sent to local papers by someone as a “political prank”.

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