Kathy Sheridan: It is tempting but Ireland should not give up on the British

The UK is still our neighbour despite Boris Johnson’s obfuscation on Brexit

Northern Ireland secretary Brandon Lewis has told the House of Commons that a new bill to amend the UK-EU Brexit deal will "break international law." Video: UK Parliament TV

And so we move into the utterly deranged phase of Brexit. Just as Novak Djokovic’s tantrums were doomed to end with a ball smacking into an umpire’s throat, so was Brexit doomed to culminate in a little Englander running away from his commitments because – sniffle – the European Union made me do it. This is Boris Johnson, the man who declared in his triumphant election address nine months ago: “The buck stops here.”

Djokovic at least acknowledged that he had to “turn this all into a lesson for my growth and evolution as a player and human being”. The little Englander? No deal was in the playbook all along.

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