Fintan O’Toole: Britain now has a zombie PM to go with a zombie Brexit

Unless it escapes from this mess now, Britain will be locked into a decade of political crises

European Union leaders gave Prime Minister Theresa May assurances on Thursday (December 13) that they would seek to agree a new deal with Britain by 2021 so that the contentious Irish 'backstop' is never triggered.

The political chaos in London has now created a zombie prime minister to go along with a zombie Brexit, a dead project that carries on in its own brainlessly destructive way. At this low point for British politics, it is almost impossible to remember a startling fact: this is the easy bit. The cacophonous discord created by the withdrawal agreement is just the overture to the mad opera of Brexit. Unless the UK gets itself out of this mess now, it will be set for at least a decade of conflict, uncertainty and instability.

Even if Theresa May somehow manages to force her deal through by delaying it until the only other option is a catastrophic no-deal departure on March 29th, 2019, the tribulations will not be over. That highly unlikely achievement would not be the beginning of the end. It would be merely the end of the beginning. What would follow would be a world of trouble.

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